ONE: The tallest residential seafront tower in Europe develops at a fast pace

The progress of construction works for the tallest residential seafront tower in Europe is now evident and soon, ONE, the iconic tower of 170 meters, will be visible from every point in Limassol city.

Construction works for the tower’s basement have been successfully completed, while works for the superstructure have now reached 70%, currently exceeding 105 meters in height. At the same time, coating works for the external shell of the building have started, as well as the internal apartment configuration and the installation of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

ONE reflects the progress and evolution of residential growth in our country. It is an architectural masterpiece that has introduced significant mechanical and technological innovations and cutting edge techniques in the Cypriot market.

The methodology applied, both during the study, design and construction phase, is so exemplary that rightly makes ONE a model project for the implementation of any similar project in Cyprus, while it also highlights the leading position of Pafilia in property and high-rise building development on the island.

Pafilia has rightly earned its reputation of excellence and is a synonym for top quality, innovative approach, and cutting edge architectural design. It is the first company to collaborate with internationally acclaimed architects, engineers and designers, applying specialised control and quality practices based on international standards.